Linux vs Windows Hosting Reviews 2023-24 in Hindi: Which Is Better for WordPress Website?

Difference between Linux vs Windows Hosting 2023-24 in Hindi & English : Which Is Better for WordPress Website?

Before launching your WordPress site, you need to decide on a hosting platform. In addition to the company’s features, you may also want to consider the operating system (OS) of its servers, which often boils down to two options: Linux vs. Windows hosting. Your server’s operating system can affect the way it behaves. Linux and Windows use several technologies, which may not be compatible with all sites. Understanding your goals is essential, as the right OS can either help you or give you a lot of stress.

An introduction to Linux and Windows server operating systems

Just as every personal computer needs an operating system, so too does your server run on one. Most users need not be concerned with this, especially if you just want to set up a simple website or a small WordPress blog. However, once you decide to dig deep into the server configuration or network infrastructure, you should be aware of the various options available.

Many times, Linux will be the default server of OS for your WordPress site. It is a more successful system that has earned a high reputation in the web hosting world. It is also compatible with cPanel.

As an overview, Linux is an open-source platform with the following characteristics

  • Stability: The system has make her own reputation for being reliable.
  • Flexibility: Linux can adapt to any environment.
  • Security: Linux being open source is considered secure.
  • Low Cost: You will get the most out of the cheaper hosting plans as your provider bypasses the additional license costs.

Windows, on the other hand, is the most popular desktop OS for PC users. In the context of web hosting, you might have heard it as a Windows Server product.

Some of its main features include:

  • Ease of use: Windows is very easy to set up and configure, even for less or full experienced users.
  • Developer Friendly Environment: Developing web applications with Windows and .NET Framework is easy to install.
  • Innovation: Windows often employs cloud-centric technologies, security and offers a hybrid approach to cloud hosting.

Note that if you sign up for a shared hosting plan, you won’t have a choice of operating system. If you want to choose your OS then you have to opt for Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a dedicated plan.

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Why you might want to consider Linux hosting vs Windows hosting

Every OS behaves differently. Some web applications may not be compatible with Linux or Windows servers. In general, your main point of view should be the type of software you want to install.

For example, running a SharePoint or Exchange site would work better with Windows. Linux, on the other hand, is the most popular hosting option for WordPress installs via cPanel.

When choosing your OS, ask yourself the following questions”

  • Do you prefer an easier set-up or more flexibility?
  • Are you ready for the extra costs?
  • Can you put more effort into protecting your website?
  • Do you like to use cPanel?
  • Do you like working with phpMyAdmin and MySQL databases?
  • Are you going to rely on ASP, .NET, or MS SQL to make your website work?

Linux vs Windows hosting compared

  • user interface. Windows is very easy to use thanks to its familiar menus. Linux, on the other hand, relies on a command line with functions and syntax that can be difficult to learn. This is why many administrators rely on cPanel to make server maintenance easier.
  • stability and security. Although not any types of hacking risks exist for both operating systems, Windows is generally more vulnerable to threats. In addition, Linux is more stable and rarely requires a reboot. Windows can have trouble handling many tasks, so it may not be the right choice for business-critical applications.
  • Hardware and software compatibility. Windows Servers are often used in large organizations with complex IT infrastructures. Sharepoint and Exchange are common examples. They are compatible with other Microsoft applications, and as such, you will benefit from better support. Linux may not work smoothly with these solutions, and relying on Linux administrators in a corporate environment is not ideal.
  • development tools. Linux hosting is commonly used to set up personal websites with access to tools such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Experienced developers can also configure the NGINX web server or use Perl or Python. However, sites developed with Microsoft ASP.NET and MS SQL technologies will only work with Windows Server.
  • Speed. Linux tends to be faster than Windows because it is lighter and easier on server resources while executing commands.

Lastly, there can be a significant price difference between Linux vs Windows hosting. Since Linux is open source and free, it is a more cost-effective option. In addition, it does not require regular updates and is easy to maintain, so dedicated servers using this OS usually cost less.

Which hosting is best for WordPress: Linux or Windows?

When it comes start working to WordPress hosting, Linux is the better OS. WordPress runs on PHP, which is very difficult to configure on Windows. Microsoft Access database is not as robust as MySQL, and it can slow down your website.

Since there is no any types of licensing cost associated with Linux, you can easily find affordable, managed WordPress hosting that uses this OS. Plus, most of the popular hosts will provide an intuitive dashboard, making Linux easier to use than not otherwise.

Linux also benefits from being an open-source platform. Like WordPress, many developers contribute to the system to ensure it is stable and secure.

Lastly, Linux is flexible enough for custom code and application development. However, if you plan to install the .NET framework or use applications such as ColdFusion, ASP Classic, or Microsoft SQL Server, you should opt for Windows hosting.


Choosing the right OS for your hosting needs can be an essential detail, especially if you want to set up a VPS or a dedicated server. Some applications only work with specific operating systems, so choosing the right one is key to achieving your goals.

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